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The project was at TCB Building in Fortitude Valley for the ‘Beirne Lane Project’, installing 4 water cooled ducted water package units. 

The Units were hung as per M02 FCU support drawings that were issued. All Pipe work was completed in copper with proper hanging fasteners and connected to existing valves.  Each unit comprised of  1 x STAD valve 2 x Isolation and 1 x Strainer 1 x Solenoid isolation valve and 1 x DPS and were completed with spring mount kits and flex hoses to valves at unit. Return air plenum were fabricated and V-form filters used in each unit. Condensate drain trays were fitted to the underside of unit with insulation. Once all the installation was completed we then balance water flows to each unit.





Yes we also replace pool heat pumps! This job took our team just down the road to the Anchorage at Hope Island where we completed the following scope of works.

  • Decommission and remove the existing pool heat pump with a crane
  • Supply and install 1 x CS95-GEN2 heat pump 
  • New unit connected to the existing pipe work 
  • Reconnect existing power supply complete with new local isolator 
  • Commission run test system 







Our team had a fantastic time onsite at the Fantastic Furniture store in Morayfield completing the following scope of works.

  • Carry out pre commissioning check and record data.
  • Electrically isolate system tag and make safe. 
  • Decommission existing units ready for removal. 
  • Crane remove and dispose of 6 x existing Daikin rooftop package units in compliant manner.
  • Existing plant decks service platforms will be modified to allow adequate space for installation of new units.
  • Units will be located on existing roof top plant decks.
  • Supply and install 6 x Temperzone OPA705RKTB ECO rooftop package units. 
  • Units comprise 5 x Standard hand 1 x opposite hand.
  • Units complete with wired wall controls and return air sensors.
  • Supply and install new return air filters to suit in V-Form washable type.
  • Supply and install new supply and return air duct in galvanised sheet metal.
  • Duct manufactured with internal insulation and joints sealed with weather proof capping.
  • Duct connected to the existing duct penetration.
  • Supply and install new condensate drains with serviceable P traps.
  • Commission new units and provide completion details.









Our team was tasked with replacing the chiller at Ashmore City Shopping Centre.

This chiller serves the air-conditioning for the entire shopping centre, therefore the lift was carried out during the early morning hours to avoid any disruptions to the centre's trading times.

As it happens the lift was during the lunar eclipse!







Now this was a fun project! Our team managed the design and install for the new U-Bet Theatre development at the Gold Coast Turf Club in Bundall.

  • Design mechanical engineering of U-Bet Theatre development 
  • Supply and install 5 Temperzone ECO package units
  • Supply and install 2 x MSSB in mechanical plant rooms
  • Controls incorporate economy cycle/C02 monitoring and unit control with remote monitoring via 4G
  • Units were installed on a steel frame within the ceiling void. Due to the location the units couldn’t be craned into position as usual. The units were lifted with a forklift to height then slid into position
  • All grilles were fitted as black to suit the new fitout.







Our team loves a new install and this is exactly what the brief was for this new Medical Centre in Southport.

A straightforward supply and install of air conditioning units to suit varying size rooms in a new fitout.
Medical Centre Common Area 

1 x Daikin 23.5kw ducted system with duct work to suite 
1 x Daikin 20kw ducted system with duct work to suite 

Consulting Rooms 
3 x 2.5kw Daikin inverter split systems 
Waiting area 

1 x 4.6kw Daikin inverter split system





restaurant lurleen, sirromet winery


Sirromet Winery, situated at picturesque Mount Cotton requested our services to replace their old air-conditioning plant with a new unit.

Their existing air-conditioning AHU was situated high above the wine vats and the condensing units were tucked away on the ground level. The winery tasked us to perform the job without interrupting production and impacting the use of the restaurant.

With limited access, the old AHU had to be stripped down to be removed and the new one stripped to be installed. The condensing unit couldn’t be craned into place due to the building structure.

The cold room door and wall had to be removed and rebuilt to get the new unit in place. The old condenser had to be stripped to be removed.

The piping was completed and installed first with the use of a knuckle boom due to the high-level piping route. Then the new ductwork and condensing unit was positioned ready for the changeover.

The works were completed around the staff to ensure the works did not disrupt wine manufacturing. The final changeover was completed in two days so that works did not disrupt the restaurant opening times.

It was a pleasure to work with the team from Sirromet Winery and deliver them a new and improved air conditioning system.








Our team completed the following PAC 1 replacement project at Brassall Shopping Centre.

  • We had this 137Kw machine made by Temperzone
  • We decommissioned and removed the existing PAC 1 package unit as per Australian standards
  • Supply and install 1x Temperzone OPA1370 package unit in the same position as old with EC Plug Fans 
  • We had to modify the platform to suit the new unit 
  • The crane was a 160 ton with 2 x support trucks with the crane counterweights
  • We modified the ducting to suit the new installation








Our team was tasked with repairing and protecting the existing ductwork insulation in the Sofitel Broadbeach mechanical plant room. As you can see below, the existing ductwork insulation was flaking and gradually becoming damaged due to exposure. Therefore, we cladded the ductwork within the plant room to stop further damage and assist in the longevity of the ductwork.







Our team installed 2 x Mitsubishi city multi units at this Coopers Plains address:

  • Ground floor with 2 x outdoor units and 6 x indoor ducted units connected into fresh air fans that get activated by the indoor units. 
  • The first floor has 2 x outdoor units with 4 x indoor ducted units with the same fresh air setup as on the ground floor. The fans were all fitted with variable speed drives for maximize efficiency.
  • The insulation was according to schedules laid out to coincide with the other trades.








Our team replaced the existing rooftop package unit with a new Temperzone unit at this Gold Coast office building.

  • Ductwork was manufactured the week before.
  • Welders attended on Thursday and modified the steel frame.
  • Friday evening after the office had closed the unit was decommission and made safe.
  • Saturday morning the unit was craned off and the new Temperzone unit was craned on. The ductwork was fitted with the electrics and the controls were installed and the unit tested.
  • Monday we attended to ensure there were no issues with the start-up.






A Major Construction project, our brief involved air conditioning the ground floor offices and first floor gym. Due to the open plan ceilings on the first floor we installed duct socks instead of ridged ducting as shown below.

Our team installed 2 x Mitsubishi City Multi-systems on the ground floor, 2 x ducted indoor units and 1 x cassette on the first floor plus 2 x ducted units with duct socks. Fresh air and toilet fans were also installed.






This cooling tower project was recently completed by our team in Bundall, Gold Coast.

  • Rooftop plant room was removed the week prior.
  • Cooling tower was drained and electrically isolated after close of business on a Friday.
  • On the Saturday:
    • Piping was cut and the old tower was removed craned out.
    • New tower was craned into place in sections and built in place.
    • A second condenser water pump was craned into position.
    • New piping was installed to suit the new layout with check valves and metering points.
  • Works completed on the Sunday included:
    • Tower refilled and power reconnected.
    • Tower tested for leaks and operation.
  • All was ready for the building to operate as normal on the Monday morning.







This project on the Gold Coast involved a main system replacement on level 2 and 6. The existing units were past there life expectancy and were struggling to maintain the required airflows. The units were replaced during a weekend to reduce downtime. 

  • The old units were shut down and decommissioned on a Friday late afternoon.
  • The old unit was dismantled in place and carried out in pieces.
  • The new units were installed and commissioned on a Monday morning.
  • The units were connected up to the BMS system which controls and displays full operation.






The BPQ Group Gateway Building, Surfers Paradise project included condenser water pump replacement and the installation of an additional new pump. 

  • Due to the location, the pumps had to be lifted onto the roof via the stairwell.
  • The new pump was installed first along with piping and electrics, all while the system was in operation.
  • The system was shut down after hours to swap over pumps. 
  • The existing pump was then replaced.
  • All sensors were relocated to suit the new piping layout.




The Brassall’s Shopping Centre project included replacement of two package units (PAC 6 and PAC 7). First, the existing units were decommissioned with refrigerant removed and units made electrically safe as per Australian standards.


A crane then removed old decommissioned units and duct work from the plant decks, new structural steel was then craned into both plant decks before the new units were craned into position.
The site was measured for new duct work, new units were reconnected to electrical and controls before new duct work was crane lifted onto the roof and then installed. Finally, all new units were commissioned to make the install operational. 



The unit installed in this Fortitude Valley China Town ground floor entrance lobby was a Samsung VRF with  four of their new 360 degree round evaporators (pictured below). This particular job was completed in stages with the piping installed and pressure tested in stage one. Once the ceiling grid was installed, the evaporators then went in with the condenser placed up in the carpark. The final stage was to fit the fascia on the evaporators and commission with a centralised controller.



This Daikin Package Unit was installed by our experienced team at Westbrook Tavern, 5 minutes from Toowoomba. The ductwork was installed through the eave and into the roof space where it will replace three ducted split units. Stage 1 involved getting the ducting up to the units, ready for the cutover. Stage 2 was to decommission the ducted splits, dismantle and remove. Ducting was then connected to existing to complete this install.


pinelands shopping centre - sunnybank, qld

Our team completed the following works at Pinelands Shopping Centre in Sunnybank. The roof of this fruit shop was sagging and the existing AC unit required a sage to be built below. We installed the supports first then lifted the unit with the use of a crane. The galvanised stage was then completed and the unit lowered back into position. Due to the height difference, the ducting couldn’t be reused. We installed temporary ducting until ridged duct transitions were made and then we returned and completed the project.  



Our team completed the following works at Tweed City Shopping Centre in NSW. As you can see from the photos below, the original fresh air intake was badly corroded. The outside weather louvers were letting in water causing the control dampers to corrode along with the ductwork and filter frames. We manufactured control dampers and ducting to replace corroded with new. We manufactured and installed weather shields to stop the rain from getting in through the louvers.  



This was a replacement cooling tower situated on the top of a multi-story car park feeding the ground floor tenants (offices) in Chinatown, Brisbane. Due to the area, a crane wasn’t feasible and the clearance through the carpark was low so two tower5s had to be dismantled and replaced in sections. The tower was built in place with a new circulating pump. A variable speed drive was added to reduce running costs of the tower fans and increase control over the water temperature. 



Our team recently removed a split ducted unit from the ceiling of Hope Island Butcher and installed a package unit on the roof. As part of this, we also configured the ductwork to suit the new unit. This upgrade provides easy access of servicing with no disruption to the tenant. 



Our team have recently decommissioned and replaced two redundant units with two new Temperzone 70kW package units at Pelican Waters Shopping CentreThese units are the start of upgrades to redundant R22 equipment.


Our team have recently installed evaporative cooling to the Mudgeeraba Police Station's outdoor training facility. 
This unit will provide a high volume of airflow with the assistance of evaporative cooling to the officers during their rigorous training sessions.




We recently carried out a crane lift at Brassall Shopping Centre to replace a package A/C. Due to the position and size of the unit a Grove 130t All Terrain Slew Crane was required. 


We decommissioned the package unit and removed the refrigerant as per Australian Standards. Then split the ductwork from the unit and removed electrics. The crane removed the unit and the old ductwork to make room for the new.
The new unit was then craned into place. As you can see, the support crane lifted the new ductwork into place while the 130t was setting up. The ductwork was then assembled and the final site measurements taken.
We are now waiting for the final duct transitions before completing. Stay tuned for completion photos!




The soon to be Anytime Fitness site at Miami on the Gold Coast Highway has been fitted out with Temperzone digital split ducted units. Due to the open plan layout and low ceilings, the Temperzone units allowed us to incorporate a design that is not only efficient in operation but suits the aesthetic of the the open plan design. 




As the Twin Towns refurbishment continues our team has continued to provide a quality work and results along the way. This particular project is a plan design, meaning the majority of the work is D&C (Design and Construct), however things are never as they seem once you are in the thick of it. With Winter well and truly upon us the pressure is off and the club will benefit this coming Summer with the new and improved system.




Our team have recently completed new project works at 121 Scarborough Street in Southport, home to Bartercard. The main carpark extract fan was replaced with a new custom hot dipped galvanised unit supplied by Pacific HVAC.
In addition to this, a new cooling tower and complete plant deck were replaced with a NEW plant deck, custom fabricated in hot dipped galvanised steel. This was assembled on site for the installation of the NEW Evapco cooling tower. 



Our recent project at Pindara Private Day Surgery involved the replacement of the recovery ward main AC unit. The unit had been built into a basement plant room during construction, leaving limited options. The replacement unit was custom constructed by Temperzone specifically to suit the application. The plant room wall was removed to allow adequate access to remove the existing unit, making way for the new Temperzone unit. With some engineering changes and NEW duct design, our team were able to transform a tight plant room with limited access into a workable area for the new unit. When a job looks to be too difficult, there is always a solution.  





Our team will be working hard over the coming months as part of the redevelopment of Reflections at Twin TownsThe project will run over the next 8 months, incorporating major refurbishment works and an upgrade to the mechanical services.






Our recent Pacific Square project saw our team decommision a number of old redundant air conditioning units including the ductwork which we then craned down from the rooftop.

A new replacement unit was then craned into position, new ductwork measured, manufactured and installed to suit the new installation. Controls were also upgraded with digital timers.





In October 2014, we installed air conditioning in the cat quarantine building at the Animal Welfare League’s Coombabah shelter. Our entire team was thrilled to be able to assist AWLQ, donating approximately 50% of the value to install the air conditioning which will assist in the care and recovery of sick and injured cats.
AWLQ’s Coombabah site alone had 1282 patient stays last financial year. These cats and kittens were under vet care or quarantine for various conditions but predominantly cat flu. It can take anywhere between 2-6 weeks for the cats/kittens to recover. Although the AWLQ have foster homes to help with recovery, the cats/kittens stay onsite in care for their initial treatment and daily vet checks to make sure they are responding to treatment and their recovery is on track.
AWLQ Spokesperson Brooke Whitney says, “The air-conditioning units are a godsend for our sick cats. Our ward gets extremely hot in the summer time which puts added stress on our already sick cats. Being able to keep the temperature regulated means our cats can focus on getting healthy’ which means they spend less time in care and are able to be adopted faster.”




Due to the harsh environment and age of the existing Air Handling Units, AC-TEC were awarded the works for replacing several main AHU’s throughout the Twin Towns facility. Due to the tight working space and difficult to access plant locations, Fan Coil Industries were able to design and construct units to a similar size and design in “flat pack” form enabling construction on site. 





Our team completed a project at Jupiters Casino installing new chilled water AHU units to service the UPS room.




Our team removed the existing room and old equipment from the plant area at DHS Centrelink Southport where we installed 4 NEW Temperzone roof top package units.




AC-TEC removed two existing 70kW ducted split units at Arundel Plaza and replaced them with TemperZone rooftop package units to create ease  of access and increased service ability.



sofitel, gold coast

AC-TEC installed the replacement chilled water air handling unit at the Sofitel Gold Coast. The unit installed was a 200Kw fan coil Industries custom design unit provided in flat pack form for site fabrication.




We kicked off another great Commercial Building Projects job for SGS ( in Kalgoorlie. After months of preparation and logistical negotiating with suppliers, transport companies and the likes, the project has started smoothly. The design needs to meet local environmental and client demands and utilises equipment from Temperzone, Hitachi, Air change, Celmec and Bradflo resulting in a reliable and efficient system. 




AC-TEC Services completed works at 96 George Street in Beenleigh where the existing air conditioning unit was old, corroded and costing a fortune in electrical running costs.

A replacement was recommended which consisted of 2 x packaged units. Gold Coast Cranes were used and road closures were organised. The buildings existing units were decommissioned, disconnected, craned out, loaded onto trucks and disposed off in accordance with the Australian standards.


Replacement units were craned in, new beams were installed to strengthen the existing air conditioning platform. Duct work was also modified to suit the new installation. New controls with 24hr, 7 days a week timers were installed and systems were commissioned.


AC-TEC Services completed works on the Piazza Shopping Centre in Surfers Paradise including replacing the two main condenser water circulation pumps including modifications to pipe work, isolation valves and fabrication of new hot dipped galvanised pipe supports. All associated pump controls were replaced and pipe work painted in epoxy paint.  


During works, temporary portable air conditioning units were installed within the tenancies to ensure minimal disruption and comfort to the tenants. Subject to the location, specialised micro crane services were used to ensure minimum down time was achieved on the project.

Robina Town Shopping Centre, Robina QLD


Walsh & Walsh Chartered Accountants, Bundall QLD


Le Boulevard, Surfers Paradise QLD


Sofitel, Broadbeach QLD




AC-TEC Services completed work on The Queensland Herbarium, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Sciences. The centre for research and information on the Queensland flora, vegetation and plant communities. Moist air which is laden with bacteria can increase the potential for contamination in production and storage. In a dry environment bacterial growth is inhibited.

Munters Dehumidification Systems create low humidity atmospheres to prevent contamination, by removing the moisture which propagates bacterial growth ensuring product quality and the well-being of workers. The Munters system acts as a pre-conditioner used to dehumidify and condition the fresh air induced into the main storage facility air conditioning system.


AC-TEC Services completed a commercial installation of an 84kw LG Multi V II system, incorporating 7 interal units throughout a 2 story office complex.


This state of the art system used DC inverter technology and is controlled by a sophisticated and simple to use individual control system. This ensures optimum efficiency at all times, costing you less power consumption all while maintaining a perfect temperature.


For more information on AC-TEC Services commercial sales, installation and service please phone (07) 5549 2700.


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