Sirromet Winery, situated at picturesque Mount Cotton requested our services to replace their old air-conditioning plant with a new unit.

Their existing air-conditioning AHU was situated high above the wine vats and the condensing units were tucked away on the ground level. The winery tasked us to perform the job without interrupting production and impacting the use of the restaurant.

With limited access, the old AHU had to be stripped down to be removed and the new one stripped to be installed. The condensing unit couldn’t be craned into place due to the building structure. The cold room door and wall had to be removed and rebuilt to get the new unit in place. The old condenser had to be stripped to be removed.

The piping was completed and installed first with the use of a knuckle boom due to the high-level piping route. Then the new ductwork and condensing unit was positioned ready for the changeover.

The works were completed around the staff to ensure the works did not disrupt wine manufacturing. The final changeover was completed in two days so that works did not disrupt the restaurant opening times.

It was a pleasure to work with the team from Sirromet Winery and deliver them a new and improved air conditioning system.