A couple of our technicians have been working night shift these past weeks at MOS Burger in the Brisbane CBD, to replace the shops kitchen exhaust and air conditioning our scope of works engineered in conjunction with BSE entailed:

AIR CONDITIONING: Decommission and removed the 2 existing chilled water fan coils and replacing them with 2 new Temperzone IMD420 4/1 (cool only) units. The chilled water pipe work had to be relocated during these works to allow adequate access for the proposed new fresh air and kitchen exhaust duct work.

KITCHEN EXTRACTION: Decommission and removed the existing kitchen extraction plant, mounted duct work including UV unit and dispose of, followed by installing the new duct work which had to comply with the new required extraction capacity, complete with service access points incorporated. We upgraded filtration to CARBON / UV type filtration using Veritech filters at the hood and supplied and installed a new extraction fan complete with associated duct to weatherproof louver.

KITCHEN FRESH AIR MAKE-UP: In conjunction with the Mechanical AC and kitchen extraction works a new fresh air duct complete with inline fan were installed drawing from the front of the building and supplying to the front of the extract hood. The fans were then integrated with the extract fan operation.

TOILET EXTRACT: As there were no serviceable access point to inspect the existing toilet exhaust system we allowed for replacement of like for like of the existing fans and investigated the integration of the extraction systems operation with the base building.

Once all scope of works were completed all commissioning was finalised.