January here on the GC is Magic Millions Month and this seen a team of technicians solely dedicated to working at the Gold Coast Turf Club making sure all the VIP’s and race goers were kept cool. A few days before race day we supplied and installed 20 Air Curtains above the Convention Centre Doors, supplied and installed 2 portable 150kw Package Units to either end of Dome Tent 3 and in Dome Tent 5 we Supply and installed 1, 56kw Portable Package Unit to either end of the tent. Works also included transport, cranage and diesel fuel for generator. We also completed January’s maintenance during this week to make sure all the other AC’s and refrigeration units were in running order.

On Race Day we had two standby technicians on site from 5am, checking the package units and generators, switching on all AC units and checked operation for them all as well as checking all refrigeration units, then through out the day they checked to make sure all was running to the correct temperature. This was noted by a man (who has attended this race day since the start) mentioning to our technician ‘That this was the most comfortable day they had been to, the temperature of the AC was spot on!’